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Fascinating Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island ( The Island of the Deers)

Dewata News.com - This tiny gorgeous island is located on the west north edge of Bali Island. The name of Menjangan Island itself is taken from many deers and cow population back then during 1980's. Lately on the population decreased radpidly. Many animals population founded on the such as Balinese Bird " Jalak Bali ". 
Menjangan Island are well known also as the Island with many beautiful reefs. Currently, there are no land trasportations to reach this island. So we have approximately taking a half of hour to reach it by a boat departs from Lalang Harbour at West Bali National Park. 

      When we arrives at the island, don't expect that we'll meet some of crowd peoples and noises. There are view forestry officers which has preventing exploitation threatning duty. Menjangan Island not only have beautiful and fascinating landscape above and below the sea. Menjangan Island also knowns as sacred island because there are severals temples builded on the land. Some also builded dedicated to The Majapahit Era when the great Majapahit former leader Holy Mahapatih Gajah Mada conquer the Nusantara.

Klenting Sari Temple

 The Sacred Places on the land is :
1. Klenting Sari Temple
2. Taman sari/beji, Holly Fountain
3. Pasraman Kebo Iwa
4. Pasraman Dewi Kwan Im, Goddess of Proseprity Pagoda

5. Pasraman Gajah Mada
6. Segara Giri Temple

Goddess of Proseprity Pagoda  

     Menjangan Island which have 420 acres or 170 hectare wide area, being divided become three zone. Which is that divided to Main Zone, Forest Zone and Utilizations Zone. The sacred area are in the middle of the main zone, the other zone. Forest zone is for the animals habitations and the utilizations zone is for the tourism activity. Snorkle and divers were allowed in the utilizations zone.

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